Kelly Phillips Photography | Guestbook
Patricia Ward
Thank you Kelly for making this day special to both Tom and I. You captured some very beautiful pictures of all of us. Thank you for working so hard on a not so sunny day!
Vivian...... Nicci's mom(non-registered)
I just want to say thanks for spending the day with us and capturing every moment of Nicci and heathers day..... Dispite the rain I think the photos will be awesome..... Can't wait to see them..... Ps . Thanks for putting up with me/ us lol
Linda barni(non-registered)
Great job at Sarah and drews wedding on Saturday your were wonderful
Looking through these pictures, it brings me right back to that day. Your photos capture more than just what you see....they bring out the energy and feeling of being right there. Thank you for these!
Maria Kirley(non-registered)
Thank you, Kelly for such a great photo session. You are truly a talented photographer.
You have captured moments for us to enjoy even as Cecil grows. Love and hugs to you, Sherry and the girls.
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